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Pinetar Organizational Chart


Grand Poobah

Humin'bird (David Godwin)

Board of Directors

Earth Worm Jim (Bob Filkins)

Hammer (Stuart Landsverk)

Z (Rich Zabel)

Schnee (Jeff Schneewind)

The Ump (Larry West)

Bruno (Greg Greer)

Digger (Jeff Shorin)


Lady Cat (Catherine Athearn)


Schnee (Jeff Schneewind)

Web Master

Humin'bird (David Godwin)

NL Commissioners

Pinetar - Humin'bird (David Godwin)

Phoenix - Z (Rich Zabel)

Pegasus - The Ump (Larry West)

Alpha - Earth Worm Jim (Bob Filkins)

Chrysalis - Lady Cat (Catherine Athearn)

Genesis - Schnee (Jeff Schneewind)

Nova - Jarchow (Kevin Jarchow)

Cronus - Humin'bird (David Godwin)

Lelantos - Humin'bird (David Godwin)

Daedalus - The Ump (Larry West)

Atlantis - Digger (Jeff Shorin)

Clemente - Ump (Larry West)

Coast to Coast - Chico (Terry Harris)

Cracker Jack - Coach (Jeffrey Sellner)

Senior Circuit - Z (Rich Zabel)

AL Commissioners

Odyssey - Humin'bird (David Godwin)

Calypso - Guru (Charles Miller)

Hyperion - Yogi (Art Dexter)

Apollo - Lobo (Dick Logue)

Omega - Guru (Charles Miller)

Helios - The Ump (Larry West)

Poseidon - Humin'bird (David Godwin)

Ares - Jarchow (Kevin Jarchow)

Die Hard - Chico (Terry Harris)

AU Commissioners

Lagniappe - Schnee (Jeff Schneewind)

Armageddon - The Judge (Steve Allen)

Hades - Schnee (Jeff Schneewind)

Hold Em - Zig Zag (Jon Shaver) 









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