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Progression leagues 2017


For the 2017 season BBM is moving to a multi league discount pricing program. Under this new program Progression leagues won’t be able to enroll at the higher $10 pricing that we’ve charged in the past to cover trophies. Given the difficulty in procuring this fee individually from every manager, Pinetar has decided to follow BBM’s lead and not provide prizes this season. So, no one pays a fee this season, but no one will receive a trophy either. Pinetar will continue to run their contests with existing funds and provide a manager of the year trophy. In coming seasons when the programming can be worked out hopefully we will be able to start charging the fee and providing trophies again. Not totally within Pinetar’s control at this point though.  


Level 3 leagues for 2017


Enrollments for level 3 leagues this season will be done via enrolling in Progression first available. Managers would typically enroll in the league they played in last season, but in anticipation of more enrollments from new managers under the mutli discount program I thought it would be best to have everyone on level 3 enroll first available so I can more evenly balance the leagues with the new additions. Once you’ve enrolled and I have a better feel for how many level 3 leagues we’ll have then I’ll start transferring managers from the first available leagues into specific leagues.






Pinetar contests for 2017


Look for these contests this year.


March - March Madness NCAA


April - MLB Prediction Contest


Game 54, 108 and 162 - Power Rankings prizes



 2016 Progression League Winners


Manager of the Year

Jeffrey White (Gonzo)


Rookie of the Year

(No Rookie in Pinetar 2016)


National Leagues (Progression)


Hercules – Merry Pranksters (Gonzo)

Pegasus – Nevada Catahoulas (Lonewolf)

Phoenix – Mudville Niners (The Brain)

Alpha – Riverhawks (Hawk)

Nova – Sacramento Metro Cats (Candyman)


American Leagues (Progression)            


Odyssey – Cheshire Cats (Shorty)

Calypso – I Dig A Pygmy (Gonzo)

Hyperion – SuperSuss (Doogie)

Apollo – Boonsboro BlueHerons (Slugger)

Helios – Attilan Blackbolts (Grant)

Omega – Axemen (AXE)


All Universe (Progression)


Lagniappe – Peisy’s Panamas (Tbill)


2017 Progression league default settings:


Draft Date: Sunday, March 26th for first results. Other leagues will draft when filled.

Lefties: 2 lefties allowed in 5 games.

Show FA: On for first three days of FA, then off remainder of the season.

DL: Off, no DL used.

Trade Review: Off. Pinetar reviews trades if disputed.

Stadium Effects: Off


Pinetar Keeper Leagues for 2017


Beginning this season, Pinetar will move to a progression league only environment. Keeper leagues currently under the Pinetar umbrella will not have to pay any dues, but will not receive trophies or participate in contests. The progression leagues and moving up the ladder will be the sole focus of Pinetar going forward.